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Tenant Screening

Catonsville Property Management Apartments
We screen all potential occupants of any buildings that we manage and ensure that they pass our comprehensive background check. This ensures that we only deal with tenants who have a history of making timely payments and meeting all obligations that are stipulated in the lease agreement of the property. Having tenants who are fully compliant to the lease and rental terms is important because it eradicates cases of evictions, which are costly and time consuming. Having compliant tenants also reduces the time when your building is vacant and not bringing in any money.

Our experienced personnel bridge contact between the owner and the tenants and save you from having to deal with each and every occupant in your property. This has seen our services become preferred by many landlords who have contracted our Ellicott city property management services.

Owner communication channels

Our professional services keep you updated on the progress of your building at every step. Moreover, we always seek your input before implementing any major changes. By doing this, your personal touch is always felt by the occupants of the building.

We also keep open and transparent communications with the occupants in the property. This enables any issues that may arise regarding repairs or any complaints be addressed quickly and a solution arrived at within a short period.

Lease Document customization

Experience in property management has taught us that the lease document should not have hardliners between the occupants and the building management. Some tenants require changes to the lease document before occupying the building to make them feel accommodated. We handle all variations that a tenant may require on the original lease agreement regarding issues such as allowing pets within the building, amount of time the tenant will occupy the building, and payment platforms and timelines allowed. We go further to ensure that the tenant adheres to the stipulated terms in the lease document once he or she moves into the building.

Competitive rates for property management

We offer competitive rates for property management and leave the lion's share of the income that the building generates to the investor and owner. Our fees are all laid out in the initial contract the we sign with our clients. Moreover, we have no hidden charges or markup fees.

Value addition

We also advise our clients and keep them updated on the latest trends and technology that they can implement in their building and properties. This helps to increase the value of their properties and increases chances of full occupancy. Implementing the latest building trends also means that the property owner could sell it at a profitable price should he or she decide to put it up for sale.

Repairs and maintenance

We also ensure that family owned homes are always in flawless condition by doing frequent maintenance and repairs. Our team conducts frequent visits to the buildings and homes that are under our care and inspect the soundness of the structures. We also have a team of professionals that inspect appliances such as air conditioners, electrical connections, and plumbing facilities. After the inspections, the team will conduct all the necessary repairs. Moreover, we have open communication channels with occupants of the properties who report any issue that require urgent fixing.

Adherence to Local Property Management laws

We are licensed property managers who diligently follow all local laws and regulations that govern property management in Howard County. Our record keeping systems allow efficient record keeping, update, and retrieval of any transaction that we have done during the time we have been in charge of managing a property. We also keep records of all repair and maintenance services to the buildings and appliances as well as emergency equipment such as fire- fighting and first aid equipment.

Utilizing technology in Property management

Our property management practices have moved from traditional pen and paper methods to using information systems that help us manage properties more efficiently. We keep a database of all properties under our management, the transactions that are carried out in each property, details of the occupants of each space in each building, and keep track of all vacant and occupied spaces in the properties.

Automating the management of properties has the following benefits:

- Timely payments of rental and leases by the occupants
- Quick resolution of any repair works that need to be done on the property and appliances in the buildings
- Timely remittance of taxes and property charges to local authorities
- Adherence to scheduled maintenance of emergency appliances like fire extinguishing equipment as required by law
- Secure handling of payments by tenants through integration of wireless electronic funds transfer to your bank account
- Effective and timely marketing of vacant spaces as soon as the occupants give notice of moving from the space or expiry of a lease that will not be renewed

For property management that will see you reap the most out of your investment in a commercial building for rent, contact us today and let us start managing your building for you.

We operate in Howard County and our convenient location in Catonsville has made us the preferred Catonsville property management partners for both landlords and real estate owners. We also cover Ellicott City property management for property owners in that area.
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